ancient Romans socks and sandals

Reportedly ancient Romans were guilty of wearing socks with sandals too. Photo: Getty Images / Photo Illustration by Bernadette Sheridan

Et tu, Brute?

An archaeological dig in England has scientists speculating that ancient Romans committed the fashion faux pas of wearing socks with sandals, the Telegraph reports.

So that's where Grandpa gets it from!

Researchers excavating a 2,000-year-old industrial estate in North Yorkshire have reportedly unearthed fibers attached to a rusty nail from a gladiator sandal, which suggests that Roman legionnaires wore socks with their strappy shoes -- one of British men's biggest fashion blunders, according to a recent poll.

"You don't imagine Romans in socks, but I am sure they would have been pretty keen to get hold of some as soon as autumn came along," archaeologist Blaise Vyner told the Telegraph.

Oh, sure, blame the weather. In the meantime, we're putting our toga party on ice until this gets sorted out.

In related news, cavemen wore makeup and carried compacts, researchers say.

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