Dear StyleList,

I moved to the Denver area from Chicago years ago and thought I would need cowboy boots, so I bought them in fuchsia. I've never worn them. What was I thinking? I quickly figured out that in the Mile High City, regularly named one of the top 10 fittest in the nation, the outdoorsy residents love comfortable clothes but not at the expense of fashion. We blend style with comfort. Who knew?

Victoria Beckham and Cate Blanchett in super-trendy bobs. Photos: Mark Von Holden, WireImage | Mike Flokis, Getty Images

Hair: The bob haircut is still queen. Most stylists I talked to in Denver and its suburbs said they could do the haircut with their eyes closed. But look out, bob: the short pixie cut is gaining ground. With the younger, baseball-cap wearing set, the ponytail reigns supreme.

Nails: Nude, and more nude. But there's still some variety, with quite a collection of light nude and dark nude shades. The jury is still out on whether your fingers and toes should match. Manicurist Diane Burke from Broomfield County said if you don't match, at least stick to the same color family.

Rihanna and Selena Gomez go nude - lips, that is. Photos: Jason Merritt, Getty Images | Jon Kopaloff,

Lips: Natural nude is the go-to lip color. Here again there is a wide palette of nude colors. The popular trend is putting a nude lipstick matte color as a base and another nude color gloss on top.

Eyes: With all the nude lips and nails a pop of color has to come from somewhere. Purple shades are very popular - from pale lavender to darker hues - a universally flattering shade for blue, green or brown eyes. But not everyone is going purple - lately, makeup artists are telling me, nude eyeshadow has been the most requested color.

So no, we don't all wear Crocs and Birkenstocks. Think Angelina Jolie, traipsing around Nepal in one of her cool, casual, slightly rumpled, effortlessly chic outfits, and you get the picture.


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