jessica alba gray harem pants hammer genie saggy scarf sunglasses black tee

Can't touch this! Jessica Alba goes MC Hammer-style. Photo: Jeff Rayner, Coleman-Rayner

What a difference a day makes!

The morning after she turned up at the Aug. 25 L.A. premiere of "Machete" shining like a movie star in a metallic Balmain minidress, Jessica Alba took a tip from MC Hammer and hit the town in a pair of harem pants.

And would you get a load of that!

Though the drop-crotched duds looked fashionably drapey from the front, they gave Alba -- who has the perfect waist-to-hip ratio for attracting men, according to a recent study -- a decidedly droopy derriere.

According to the Daily Mail, the 29-year-old actress wore the genie bottoms -- which she paired with a simple black tee and pale blue scarf -- as she headed to an interview with Piers Morgan.

No word on whether she conjured up something more stylish for their sit-down.

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