Nicole Richie Short Haircut

Nicole Richie shows off her new short, blonde haircut. Photo: Nicole Richie/

From blonde to brunette to blonde again. Nicole Richie is back to her signature short and light locks.

The former "Simple Life" reality star unveiled her latest look on her blog last night, calling it "makeover madness." No doubt, the 28-year-old fashion designer has run the gamut of hairstyles, but we are partial to this shorter cut with loose, wavy layers and side-swept bangs.

And even though Richie said she was "ready for a change" when she dyed her locks a sultry brown eight months ago, we are thinking that motherhood, stardom, and an impending walk down the aisle can cause any gal to want to lighten up a bit.

The mastermind behind the cut was her friend and celebrity hairstylist Andy Lecompte and the color was done by George Papanikolas.

After her makeover, Richie did what any star would do: play "Clueless". "Andy and George played Cher & Dionne, and I played Tai," she blogged. Then this morning she tweeted, "I've already done 2 dance routines, played DJ Lance Says & played freeze tag."

Maybe this is how blondes have more fun in Hollywood?

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