Not the knockout interview you were expecting? See why. Photo: Getty Images.

Listen up, gals: Job interviewers want to see your CV, not your C cups.

According to a new survey from British retailer TK Maxx, wearing a tight top, flashing too much cleavage, and donning a black bra under a white shirt were the biggest style no-nos for job applicants, the Daily Mail reports.

In other words, keep that whole "Working Girl"-style "mind for business, body for sin" mantra on the DL.

The poll of 2,000 employers also found that for men, wrinkled shirts, high-waisted pants (recently deemed one of the biggest fashion mistakes), and silly ties were career suicide, according to the paper.

A third of bosses reportedly claimed that they know within the first 90 seconds of an interview whether they will hire someone, while 65 percent of bosses said clothes could be the deciding factor between two similar candidates.

The research also showed that bright colors were a turnoff, with seven out of 10 employers claiming they don't want applicants to be fashionable or trendy (gasp!), the Daily Mail reports.

Instead, a suit (check out first lady Michelle Obama's favorite) seems to be one's best bet, as 81 percent reportedly said it signifies that a job seeker is organized and efficient.

"It is vital you give a good first impression by wearing the right clothes or you may have ruined your chances before you've even opened your mouth," recruitment manager Kieran How told the paper.

"Job interviews are not the place to try fancy dress or to show off your most revealing party clothes."

Yeah -- save that for the company holiday party.

Meanwhile, a recent survey found that good looks could hurt a woman's chances of scoring a "masculine" job.