The model, Kate Moss, and the mogul, Sir Phillip Green, in May. Photo: Charles Aris/

It seems Kate Moss will be saying toodle-loo to Topshop because she's been deemed a little too dated for the British clothing retailer, and in a plot twist straight out of a soap opera, she's being replaced by someone younger and more hip -- the boss's daughter!

According to the Daily Mail, the 36-year-old supermodel will launch her fourteenth and final collection for Topshop in October, weeks before store honcho Sir Philip Green's 19-year-old daughter Chloe begins training at the Oxford Street headquarters in London.

"Kate Moss's range has not been selling at the same rate that it was and was in danger of running out of steam," a fashion insider tells the newspaper of Moss's line of dresses, shoes, belts, and bags.

"Chloe has been a fully fledged fashion diva since the age of 15 and sits on the front row at catwalk shows. She has grand plans to have her own fashion range."

Indeed, Chloe -- who has been helping her dad choose clothes for his outlets since age 10 -- has admitted to having designs on creating her own collection.

"Hopefully, one day I might design a 'Chloe Green at Topshop' range," she said in an interview last year.

"I've not really thought it through yet. But I don't think it's asking too much."

Though Moss has brought in millions for Sir Philip Green since partnering up in 2006, things have taken a downturn both personally and professionally.

"We've heard there's been a falling-out over the boss's daughter," a Topshop staffer tells the Daily Mail. For his part, Green, who refers to Moss as his other daughter, denies that their relationship has come apart at the seams.

"Kate has done 14 collections with us," he says. "It has been fantastic for us and fantastic for her, but they take more and more time, and she cannot do this full-time any more."

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