Makeover Diaries tells the stories of women's real-life beauty transformations. This week, an accident inspires Laverne Gray Trembinsky of Hemet, California, to recharge her style - and her self-esteem.

Photos: Courtesy of Laverne Gray Trembinsky

Once I hit my 50s, I was looking older and gaining weight. But it was an accident that finally inspired my makeover.

I live in Hemet, California - once a retirement community, but now full of younger people - where I am the author of a children's book, and a program assistant for Loma Linda University Medical Center Adult Day Health Services. A few years ago, I was helping my husband and son install dry wall without goggles. Fiberglass hanging from the ceiling fell into my face, causing discoloration around my eyes.

My self-esteem was already low, because of my age and my weight. Now with my skin discolored, I felt hopeless.

I had to do something right away. I face people at my job all day long, but I couldn't go to work looking like this! I couldn't afford the high price of a dermatologist's procedure, so I knew I had to be creative about my makeover. And the time for a change had to be right now!

I took a good long look in the mirror and realized I had to develop a whole new me. I decided not to start with my skin. I started with my attitude. I had to stop being that 50-something woman who was going to be scared for the rest of her life! Low self-esteem and low-income seemed like a dangerous combination, so I resolved to do a mindset overhaul -- sort of like an engine overhaul! I opened my mind to the fact that I would have to start wearing makeup, and something even more drastic: start dressing like a woman 20 years younger!

If I wanted to stop looking like a senior, I needed to stop dressing like one. Before, I favored the conservative librarian look. I only had $50 to spend, so I shopped at thrift stores and discount stores like Wal-Mart. I was able to find designer fashion looks at a great price! The clothing I wear now has a much younger twist, with bright colors and more style.

Now, on to my skin problem. I remembered an article I'd read in Woman's Day a few years ago showing how a woman used Cover Girl concealer on the dark circles under her eyes. She applied her foundation over the concealer. This gave me a great idea and a solution to my problem. Since I am a woman of color, my problem wasn't the dark circles under my eyes, but the white spots. I tried dark-brown and dark-beige Cover Girl concealer, as well as dark brown and black eyeshadow. The foundation I used was by Revlon ColorStay 440 and Maybelline Dream matte mousse dark cocoa.

Before my makeover, all I used was face powder and a little lipstick. Now, I love exploring new colors to enhance my eyes and lips. I'm wearing all different shades of eyeshadow to highlight my eyes, now that I had nothing to hide!

My friends and relatives now tell me I look like I am in my 30s and sometime even my late 20s! My husband couldn't believe the difference. He says it's a miracle how makeup changed a person not only in appearance, but in personality. I'm not scared anymore, and I have a whole new attitude! Since my makeover, I published my first book and I now have another book about to be published. I'm now glad that fiberglass fell in my face - it was what made me change my life.

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