curvy Christina Hendricks skinny Kate Moss black dresses

Curvy Hendricks vs. pin-thin Moss. Photos: Stefanie Keenan, Getty Images for Chopard | Dave M. Benett, Getty Images

Kate Moss is just not having a good week.

First, reports surfaced that the supermodel's clothing line had gotten the heave-ho from Topshop.

Now, the UK edition of Cosmopolitan magazine claims that young women would rather look like "Mad Men" actress Christina Hendricks than the iconic waif, the Telegraph reports.

Kleenex, Kate?

"Joan [Harris, Hendricks' character] has had a huge impact on fashion and on women having the confidence to flaunt their curves," editor Louise Court told the Radio Times.

"This year loads of girls want to look like Christina Hendricks, not Kate Moss."

Except, you know, Hendricks's Barbie alter ego, which is suspiciously curve free.

Hendricks -- currently starring in London Fog's new campaign -- has also recently been praised by Britain's Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone for setting a great body-image example with her hourglass figure.

But don't beat yourself up, Kate -- at least the fellas want your body. According to a new study, Moss has the perfect waist-to-hip ratio for attracting men. Feel better?

Meanwhile, check out Hendricks flaunting her curves in a lilac Zac Posen at the Emmys.