Photo: Bob Riha Jr./AP

One NFL player is setting himself up for one heck of an expensive bad hair day.

Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu -- famed for his wild mane of long ringlets -- has had his hair insured by Lloyds of London for $1 million thanks to Head & Shoulders, People's StyleWatch reports.

Um...they know he plays football, right? Those tackles had better be gentle on his tresses.

The safety has been named spokesperson for the hair care brand because of his Sideshow Bob-esque 35" locks, which haven't been trimmed in eight years, according to the magazine.

"It's like J.Lo's insured butt," Polamalu joked to People, referencing rumors that Jennifer Lopez had her buttocks protected.

"It's correlated to what a warrior in the past would do to prepare for war," the Samoan player says of his 45-minute hair routine. "You have the Mongolians, the Japanese Samurai, the Spartans -- all of these warriors with long hair... and in that way you can almost get into the mind-way, preparing for some type of battle when you are doing your hair."

OMG! Is this dude single? He, like, totally gets us.

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