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High-tech science and nature are meeting head-on in the beauty world.

But instead of clashing, brands have begun to embrace the two seemingly very different ingredient ethos in order to create products that work better and are better for you, a hybrid of technologies and ideologies that the beauty industry is calling the "Nu Natural."

Today's Nu Natural beauty delivers the kind of results consumers have come to expect from their favorite must-haves, but without the controversial fillers of yesterday -- and with the added boost of natural ingredients that many are excited to find produce amazing results.

Taya Tomasello of the trend-forecasting Mintel Beauty Innovation predicted the Nu Natural focus back in January, and will speak about the trend at the upcoming HBA Global Expo in New York, which is one of the industry's top tradeshows.

"There are still many consumers who want to stick with what they know, and the brands they know," Tomasello tells StyleList. "There is also concern that natural anti-aging products, for example, won't work as well as their chemical counterparts. The blending of natural and high-tech opens the 'natural' space to a wider audience."

Another sign of the trend is the explosion of products now labeling themselves with "free from" claims. Yet many of these products still contain potent synthetic actives, along with natural ingredients.

"Essentially, we're looking at products that boast both the benefits of natural ingredients as well as their high-tech counterparts, showing that when they are found together, the potential is greater," says Tomasello.

And this is just the beginning; experts predict we'll only see more exotic natural ingredient pairings with high-tech actives.

"We could see this trend take a step further to provide greater traceability on ingredients -- perhaps even including fair trade certifications when ingredients are specifically sourced," says Tomasello.

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