Demi Moore strikes a pose for the camera. Photo:

Mrs. Kutcher, are you trying to seduce us?

Demi Moore joined the over-40 bikini babe party by Tweeting racy photos showing off her toned body in a two-piece, the Daily Mail reports.

Did we mention she's 47? Wow.

The well-preserved actress -- who recently 'fessed up to getting plastic surgery in the past -- looks firm and foxy in her revealing snakeskin-print string bikini as she dons dark sunglasses and strikes a pose in a bathroom.

"Maybe this is more like summer," she reportedly Tweeted of the sexy self-portraits.

Indeed. And maybe we should demand a recount for the just-released World's Hottest Bikini Bodies List.

Meanwhile, check out 40-year-old Uma Thurman in a bikini.