Jessica Szohr Nylon magazine editor-in-chief Marvin Scott Jarrett

Jessica Szohr (left) and Nylon editor-in-chief Marvin Scott Jarrett (right). Photo:

"Gossip Girl" star Jessica Szohr was in Manhattan's trendy Meatpacking District on Tuesday night to launch the TV issue of downtown style bible Nylon magazine, the cover of which she graces. The actress chatted with StyleList, flanked by her cast mate and real-life boyfriend, Ed Westwick, Nylon editor-in-chief Marvin Scott Jarrett, model/designer Jessica Stam, "GG" co-star Leighton Meester, and actor/singer Jared Leto.

"It's, like, waking up in your pajama shirt and your pajama shorts in the morning and throwing a blazer on that was just on your throw-chair to go make coffee in the kitchen," the tattooed Szohr chuckled as she explained her cover look at hot spot SL. "I think it worked well!"

In practice, that meant a jacket in a strong geometric print by Suno, a long-sleeved lace top by Calvin Klein Collection and a tiny pair of shorts from Alternative Apparel. At the party, she was keeping cool in a pair of satin slacks by Chris Benz, the hip downtown designer who was also at the club to pay his regards.

"I like to be comfortable," the Op model says of her personal style. "I think it's cool to take risks and add a little funkiness to it, but in general. I like to be chill and easy." She even admits that she has taken a few style tips from her "Gossip Girl" character, Vanessa Abrams.

"She wears every color and style and shape and shoe and accessory, and I've started to do that more," Szohr said. "I think it's helped me -- I have fun with it. And if you're fun and comfortable in something that you're trying to express with style, how can you really go wrong? So I've adopted a little bit of Vanessa into my own taste."

Jessica Szohr Jessica Stam Nylon magazine party

Szohr enjoys the fiesta with model/designer Jessica Stam. Photo:

As for her personal must haves this summer, Szohr said: "For the last six months I've been into the feathered earrings, but not both. Because I really think [both] is too much. I wear one once in a while. And I'm really into Chris Benz tomboyish pants right now, and a couple dresses he's got coming out. Those are my go-tos: Chris Benz and one feathered earring!"

In addition to starring in this summer's horror-comedy, "Piranha 3D," the actress has been in New Orleans filming "Love, Wedding, Marriage" with actor/Calvin Klein underwear model Kellan Lutz and Mandy Moore (whose infamous ex, Wilmer Valderrama, also made a late appearance at the party).

"Mandy Moore is the most sweet, down-to-earth, lovely person. Kellan and I have been friends for a while and it's crazy to film a movie with him, with how big 'Twilight' is," she said. "I thought working on 'Gossip Girl' and seeing how people go crazy about all the characters was a lot. But working with him -- oh my God, it was insane!"

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