kim cattrall sex and the city london premiere

Kim Cattrall at the London premiere of "Sex and the City 2." Photo: Getty Images

Much like "Sex and the City" man-eater Samantha Jones, Kim Cattrall discovered early on that size does, in fact, matter -- especially when it comes to her saucy character's wardrobe.

Though Samantha spent a lot of time out of her clothes, she always looked sexy in the moments she wore them. Because Cattrall is a bit curvier than cast mates Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis, stylist Patricia Field had to be a bit more creative in her clothing choices.

"I'm not a sample size like Sarah and Kristin, and I couldn't wear a lot of the clothes the young designers would send us," Cattrall, who debuted a bob haircut in June, tells Vogue UK. "I'd wear a lot of vintage -- some of things I wore were like pieces of art."

And that suited Cattrall just fine, especially because she wasn't necessarily a fan of the other characters' ensembles. "I was never into any of Charlotte's sweet dresses or Sarah's outfits," she says. "There were a few pieces of Sarah's that I liked on their own but not the outfits as such."

One actress whose style Cattrall does admire is It girl Carey Mulligan, who played her daughter in the 2007 British TV series "My Boy Jack."

"I adore her -- she has a very unique style that is very much her own," says Cattrall, who is currently playing Cleopatra at the Liverpool Playhouse in England. "When she cut her hair, it was a real shock because I always thought of her as having these beautiful, brunette locks. Her style keeps evolving, and I love that about her.

"When we worked together all those years ago, I was sent a bag of clothes from someone, and Carey said, 'Oh, I wish I'd be sent free clothes' and I remember telling her, 'You just wait, you will be.' And now look at her."

Cattrall says she's game for a third "Sex and the City" movie ("What other film would take you on a trip to the Sahara desert?"), and it's likely she's eager for Samantha to slip into something a little more comfortable.

"Sometimes the fittings would be eight hours long," she says, "and your whole body would ache from having clothes pulled on and off."

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