Sue Devitt Golden Temple Effusion

Sue Devitt's Golden Temple Effusion Eau de Toilette. Courtesy photo.

Aussie makeup maven Sue Devitt is making her foray into the fragrance industry with a limited-edition scent exclusive to Barneys New York.

Devitt's inspiration for Golden Temple Effusion Eau de Toilette was "early-morning mist rising from Thailand's bamboo forests." The perfume complements her new Golden Triangle cosmetic collection.

The juice boasts notes of deep rainforest woods, exotic lily and wild red berries and is meant to be worn on the pulse points "to encourage the flow of chi, or life force," a method Devitt developed with an Asian healing ritualist.

"Gently spritz the effusion onto wrists and take the index finger of both hands to gently press the fragrance into pulse points. Then apply fingertips to temples for a few seconds, breathing in deeply with eyes closed. These brief moments promote a great sense of balance, self and wellness," said Devitt.

A percentage of the proceeds from the fragrance sales will support Blue Planet Network, a foundation dedicated to eliminating the safe water crisis in rural communities of developing nations.

Golden Triangle Effusion Eau de Toilette is available for a limited time at Barneys New York or for $65.

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