lady gaga vogue hommes japan cover raw meat bikini

Lady Gaga puts some meat on her bones... literally. Photo: Terry Richardson for Vogue Hommes Japan

Anyone else have a sudden craving for a... salad?

We think we'll be sticking to our veggies after getting an eyeful of Lady Gaga draped in a raw meat bikini for the September issue of Vogue Hommes Japan, Styleite reports.

The carnivorous shoot -- snapped by Terry Richardson -- comes after the magazine revealed images of the pop star in drag as "Jo Calderone," according to the fashion site.

But Gaga's manly side doesn't hold a candle to her meaty side. Sporting a platinum blonde bob and scarlet lips, the performer poses with essentially half a cow hanging from her naked body.

Bon appetit!

So, who's more likely to have a heart attack? The guy who ate the leftovers or PETA members?

Has Gaga gone too far? Or are you loving her raw talent?

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