vertical fashion show blue tights

Giving new meaning to "coming down the runway." Photo: Alastair Grant, AP

Okay, now you're just showing off, models.

Though last month's underwater fashion show in Korea was a tough act to follow, London catwalkers have upped the ante by staging a "vertical fashion show," Metro UK reports.

Donning skyscraper (literally) heels and glam fall fashions, three stunt models rappeled down a building in Oxford Circus to launch the city's High Street Fashion Week, which celebrates designs from chain retailers, according to the newspaper.

We don't know what's more daring -- climbing down a tall building or flashing your panties to oncoming traffic in an ultra-short minidress.

"I'm used to doing big action stunt sequences but the sight of four-inch heels and a five-story vertical catwalk was enough to push me over the edge," model Amanda Green (not shown), who also works as a stunt double for Halle Berry, told Metro.

What's next? Supermodel skydiving?

vertical fashion show red tights

Tights rope. A model takes fashion to new heights. Photo: Alastair Grant, AP