Lucky Magazine editor Brandon Holley

New Lucky magazine editor Brandon Holley. Photo: John M. Heller, Getty Images

Popular former Jane editor-in-chief Brandon Holley is returning to Condé Nast publishing as the editor-in-chief of its shopping magazine Lucky, the company's editorial director Thomas J. Wallace announced today in a release.

"She replaces [ten-year veteran Lucky editor] Kim France, who is leaving the company," the statement observed without further explanation. France's sudden departure has surprised many in the industry.

Wallace said in the statement: "Brandon is an extraordinarily innovative editor whose extensive experience in both the print and digital realms will be key to developing the Lucky brand across multiple platforms."

Holley retained the goodwill of many readers after the much-loved Jane was shuttered in 2007. She moved from there to the Yahoo! women's site Shine, growing the brand to 25 million visitors a month, according to comScore figures quoted in the press release.

In March, she was featured in a New York Times profile as the model of a new kind of home-based Web editor. The full text of today's Condé Nast statement is available here.

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