Kevin Mazur, Getty Images for Conde Nast

On Tuesday night, Vogue's Anna Wintour and her team of masterminds staged Fashion's Night Out: The Show - a runway extravaganza that featured models wearing the top fall trends as selected by the magazine's editors. The purpose? To rally consumers to shop with the stars this Thursday, Sept 10th for the second annual Fashion's Night Out festivities.

The evening drew approximately 1,500 eager patrons to Lincoln Center - the new home of New York Fashion Week- many of whom paid a pretty penny to sit ringside and indulge in the very hyped, very glamorized production. There were excellent rubbernecking opportunities in the form of Blake Lively, Roger Federer and Julianne Moore, and the show also featured seasoned stomps by Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell, Lara Stone and over 150 more models.

"She was cheerleading at a game and I pulled her right from the field," said Sherri Heller of Dix Hills, New York, as she gestured toward her daughter. "She changed in the car. The tickets were $250 a piece but she wants to be a designer." (For the record, the petite beauty cited Christian Dior as her favorite dressmaker of all time.)

We wonder if young Heller thought it worth it. Things kicked off with a riff from "Start Spreading the News" then morphed into Alicia Keys' refrain from "Empire State of Mind." Soon after, the Bellagio-esque choreographed water fountain was turned down and the lights turned up as a Big Apple bus filled with the aforementioned famous models waved to the assembled crowd. Following their strut through the plaza and into the Metropolitan Opera House (with Gisele leading the way, natch), the real retail eye candy began.

Fellow catwalkers started emerging from both sides of Lincoln Center wearing one of seven fall trends. These looks included hipster plaids, flapper glamour, rocker chic, romantic minimalism, ladylike ensembles, utilitarian outerwear, and worldly bohemians - all styled to a T by magazine alums Tabitha Simmons and Edward Enninful.

Once all 157 looks had flown by (trust us, the girls were moving at a clip!), Pharrell Williams appeared with his fellow members of N.E.R.D. to perform their single "Hot-n-Fun." He encouraged the audience to "make some noise for all of the beautiful women here tonight." My young, bobbing seatmate responded with a, "Who is he?"

As Gisele and co. made their way back to the bus, Williams signed off with a "Anna Wintour, let's go!" It was too far for the editrix to run, but even without boarding the double-decker, Wintour must have been riding high. The whole show took about 20 minutes and was executed with precision.

Which begs the question: was it worth it for the consumer?

A delightful pair of friends named Frankie and Will from Queens thought so. Their FNO claim to fame is that they were the first people in line at Queens Center Mall last year when Wintour and Michael Kors made a point of stopping by. "She signed our T-shirts," said Frankie excitedly.

As for her Thursday night plans? "I'm going to Tory Burch in the Meatpacking District. I love to shop. I"m a one-woman stimulus package!"

Read on to find out who will be present at the Lincoln Center unveiling later today.