ellen degeneres richie rich fashion show spring 2011 runway suit fingerless blue gloves hat

Ellen Degeneres walks the runway at the Richie Rich Spring 2011 fashion Show. Photo: Frazer Harrison, Getty Images for IMG

Richie Rich has pretty much made a career of surprising and awing folks, especially at his notoriously energetic and sort of crazy runway shows. (Remember Pamela Anderson in next-to-nothing in February?)

So last night was no exception. First some kind of seating confusion at the new Lincoln Center tents delayed the show and led to all kinds of anger in the waiting line. Vivaldi and some ballet started things off and calmed some nerves. Then, naturally, there were the what can only be called sex-slave looks on the runway.

Finally, who better to cap things off than Ellen DeGeneres walking as the finale, wearing a silvery suit, tiny hat, laced-up-the-ankle sneakers and a hilarious interpretation of a model's annoyed pout? That's called personal style and you sort of have to love it.