Cult British makeup brand Illamasqua has tapped actress Vicky McClure to star in a series of three short films that go beyond beauty how-to's and product releases.

It's the latest addition to a recent spate of beauty videos, hot on the heels of Chanel's Martin Scorsese-directed Blue de Chanel ad and Lancôme artistic director Aaron de May's work with model Eniko Mihalik on The Nowness.

The first film, "Poem," shows the actress dressed in a corset, sitting at a vanity applying intense blue eye shadow, a retro beauty mark, and bold red lipstick. There's even a mysterious soundtrack.

Go ahead and check it out below! It's two minutes of inspiration to put on a full face of makeup.

As you may recall, StyleList reported on the brand's U.S. launch last summer, to much fanfare. Illamasqua was created to help women express their alter ego -- whether it's a rock star, Brigitte Bardot or Dita Von Teese.

The McClure films are meant to encourage Illamasqua's fans to explore these alter egos. According to the brand, McClure's character sets the perfect example of both self-expression and cultural tolerance: two themes that are at the heart of Illamasqua.

"Vicky's portrayal took the viewer way beyond the pre-conceived and overt racist stigma that the skinhead movement has been sadly tagged with. Whilst right wing elements did attach themselves to this particular culture the film educated us that the skinhead fashion had its roots firmly embedded in black music and culture. In the film Lol quite simply' doesn't see colour' and for us as a brand this is so important. All Youth cultures get pre-judged and pigeon holed wrongly....wearing make-up makes others pre-judge you, often wrongly - especially if you are a man. We loved the way Vicky acted a role that smashed these pre-conceptions. For that she is our muse," says founder Julian Kynaston.

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