Heidi Klum. Photo: Getty Images

Ever heard of Coty's makeup brand Astor?

We haven't either, but we're all about to hear a lot more, now that Heidi Klum has said jawohl to revamping the brand which Coty currently only sells in Europe.

"My entire childhood, I was surrounded by makeup. My father worked as the marketing director for 4711, a cosmetics company in Germany, for 20 years. He would always bring home testers of lipsticks, eye shadows and perfumes. I absolutely loved it -- I started wearing makeup and experimenting with beauty products way too early," said Klum in an interview with WWD.

"In German schools, it is mandatory for students to find a three-week internship when they turn 13 to get work experience. I worked at 4711, where I had to do everything from filling perfume into bottles, sitting at the conveyor belt for quality inspections to marketing to the labs where the vats of creams are being developed. It was great. It's funny how it's all come back around again!" Klum added enthusiastically.

After having tried her hand at some cosmetics development at Victoria's Secret Beauty, the mega model is thrilled to be involved with Astor.

"I am eager to bring the fresh new look of Astor products to the market. What is important to me in makeup is the quality in texture, staying power, trendy colors and packaging - but most of all, that it's easy to use for women that aren't professional makeup artists," explained Klum.

Expect to see Klum's first collection for Astor on European shelves this spring and in print ads in European magazines' January issues.

Can you imagine having time devote to a cosmetics line when you're already the host of "Project Runway," a mom of four and designing an activewear collection for New Balance?