model runway jeggings Twenty8Twelve show London Fashion Week Fall 2009

A model walks the Twenty8Twelve runway in jeggings during London Fashion Week. Photo: Mike Marsland, WireImage

That'll teach people to take fashion advice from a bunch of bankers.

Though Goldman Sachs had gushed over jeggings as a back-to-school fashion trend, the denim leggings have landed 60 British schoolgirls in hot water, the Daily Express reports.

Teachers at the Samuel Ward Arts and Technology College in Haverhill, Suffolk, England sent about half of the girls home to change while the rest of the little fashion victims were ordered to participate in "supervised study" away from classmates, according to the paper.

The jeggings were reportedly deemed too tacky tight to be worn at school, which demands that students wear trousers, not jeans, leggings, or a mutant hybrid of the two.

"We sent a letter home before the summer holidays explaining the uniform requirements and stating that leggings and jeggings are not part of the uniform code," head teacher Howard Lay told the paper.

"The situation has now been resolved and all 60 students are back at school wearing the correct uniform.

"We had meetings with a few of the parents and the majority have been very positive and supportive of what we're doing. They respect it's the school rule and we're enforcing it.

"The youngsters involved are all good students. The clothing they were wearing was just not appropriate."

However, not all of the girls' parents are happy with the school's decision.

"It seemed very extreme to send the children home just because they weren't wearing the right clothing," one parent told the Daily Express.

"I don't understand why they had to be so strict about it and make them miss their lessons."

Pipe down, lady. If it were us, we'd make the girls write "I will not wear jeggings" 100 times on the blackboard.

Meanwhile, retailers are now threatening us with jeggings for baby -- be very afraid!