Ballerina buns and soft blue shadow looked fresh -- and not faux pas -- at Adam Spring 2011. Photo: Getty Images

Backstage at the Adam Spring 2011 collection at New York's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, there was updated blue eye shadow -- and it was not a makeup faux pas.

MAKEUP: Romy Soleimani for MAC Cosmetics
HAIR: Rudi Lewis for Bumble and Bumble
NAILS: Deborah Lippmann
SNAPSHOT: Slightly 70's ballerina

ADAM spring 2011 backstage beauty

Photo: Lisa Schweitzer for StyleList

Photo: Lisa Schweitzer for StyleList

THE SCOOP: The inspiration for the makeup look at Adam was "slightly 70's with more modern twist," Soleimani told Stylelist.
"I mixed a custom color for the eye shadow, which is a medium denim blue, but not scary or costumey," she explained. She exaggerated the shadow at the corners to give the eyes an almond shape and made the skin dewy with Weleda Skin Food cream.

"Adam requested an easy, non-hairdo 'do for the show," said Lewis. What surfaced was a ballerina-ish top knot which was then up-brushed from the hairline. Lippmann took her inspiration from the idea of a "feminine and finished look, but not pink."

GET THE LOOK -- MAKEUP: All makeup by MAC Cosmetics. Soleimani used an as-yet-unreleased palette of cream shadows called Light Bright and mixed up a new shade of blue for the eyes, plus a light coat of mascara. She used Derailed cream shadow on the cheeks, which ended up looking a bit like a stain because of the dryer texture than you normally get with cream blush. She placed it a bit below the cheek bones for a sort-of contoured look. She used the Derailed shadow on lips too, layered with concealer.

GET THE LOOK -- HAIR: All hair products by Bumble and Bumble. Lewis prepped the hair with Thickening Spray before blowdrying, and then used Surf Spray to give it a bit more texture. He pulled the hair into a super-high ponytail and wrapped it with a skinny elastic string, before twisting it into a not-perfect knot which was secured with the remains of the elastic. Then he brushed the hair upwards to give it a messier, softer look and secured the bun with bobby pins.

Models backstage at Adam Spring 2011. Photo: Getty Images

GET THE LOOK -- NAILS: All products by Deborah Lippmann. The nails were treated to a coat of the perfect sheer beige shade called "Naked," which Lippmann described as "not pink, not yellow, and not full coverage."

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