The look at Cynthia Rowley Spring 2011. Photo: Getty Images

Cynthia Rowley's Spring 2011 collection at New York Fashion Week was a beauty masterpiece, complete with hair styling, color, and makeup that is sure to set the trends for the following season -- stay on the look out for metallic hair!

MAKEUP: Val Garland for MAC Cosmetics
HAIR: Bok-hee for the Antonio Prieto Salon
HAIR COLOR: Aura Friedman for Wella
SNAPSHOT: A (subtle) walk on the wild side

THE SCOOP: Cynthia Rowley isn't afraid to take risks -- for Fall 2010, she wowed us with blue, crimped hair extensions -- and she pulled out all the stops again with her carefully curated Spring 2011 hair and makeup. Cynthia was even on hand backstage looking over the hair in the final minutes before the show and giving feedback to Bok-hee as she created the artful twist, topped off with one to two large metallic clips. Working with Aura Friedman to provide custom metallic extensions for the show, the hair was a highlighted masterpiece of soft, gilded shades that complimented the grays, oranges, and blushes found in the collection. For makeup, Val Garland said that when Cynthia shared the clothes with her and asked her what she was seeing, she immediately replied, "Carnaby Street, Mary Quant, and Twiggy," but strove to give it a modern update via heavily mascaraed lower eyelashes and a bold, blaring lip.

The look at Cynthia Rowley Spring 2011. Photo: Getty Images

GET THE LOOK-MAKEUP: All makeup by MAC Cosmetics. Garland says this look could 'absolutely translate' to everyday, but the mascara effect is very important, so do about six strokes on the lower lashes of Zoom Lash Mascara, and if the makeup isn't sticking, wet a bit of translucent powder and apply it via a mascara wand to the lower lashes to help it adhere better. Don't put any mascara on the top, however, and be sure to apply blush to will give the effect of being a tad flushed, "like a girl just came off the dance floor." Blush in Brit Whit was used for this show, and on the lips, Strut Your Stuff lip gloss was applied to look slightly smudgy, and brushed out at the edges to look like "you had just been kissed."

GET THE LOOK- HAIR: For the color, Friedman says the shiny, iridescent hues of metallic, infused with violet and pink tones, can work for anybody, and for the show they were glued in, but to get the look at home, buy extensions and add in clips for a temporary evening or weekend look, or get the color straight into your hair with a double process color treatment to bleach hair and then tone it (a la Lady Gaga). With the styling,Bok-hee tells StyleList that the simplest way to try this style is to first make a low triangle ponytail, kept as clean as possible. Next, twist the ponytailed hair tightly before pinning into a bun, and apply a large, square clip diagonally through the bulk of the bun. For products, use Wella Volume Mousse and Wella Hair Spray throughout the process for body, hold, and shine.

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