Tangerine lips at Jill Stuart Spring 2011. Photo: Getty Images

Fresh, effortless hair and makeup -- popped with a luscious punch of tangerine lipstick -- made the beauty look easy against the girlie, early 60s-inspired styles at Jill Stuart's Spring 2011 show at New York Fashion Week.

MAKEUP: Charlotte Tilbury
HAIR: Guido Palau for Redken
HAIR COLOR: Marie Robinson for Clairol Perfect Ten
SNAPSHOT: Tangerine dream girls

Easy chignons at Jill Stuart Spring 2011. Photo: Getty Images

THE SCOOP: When we walked backstage at Jill Stuart's Spring 2011 fashion show, we were shocked. Instead of the usually harried scene where you have to beg, borrow and steal your way into an interview with the busy artists, makeup lead Charlotte Tilbury and hair master Guido Palau were chatting it up -- gossiping, in fact, and seemingly without a care in the world. This relaxed atmosphere was a direct result of the easy, breezy looks the two created to pair with Stuart's prim, pretty prints that nodded to the early 60s with intricate collars and school girl-inspired dresses.

"It's like the white t-shirt of hair," Palau said of the girlie chignons he wove into models' hair. "We see this style every season, but it keeps returning because it works -- it's very relevant, it never goes away, and every woman can wear it."

Tilbury created a knockout tangerine lip, seemingly dripping with gloss that accented the models' dewy complexions. "This color suits most people," she told us. "It's not too bright, but more modern that last season's red lip, and it complements every skin tone and makes your eye color pop. It's incredibly effective!"

For hair color, which has become a growing backstage focus in recent seasons, celebrity hair colorist Marie Robinson prepped models locks with Clairol Perfect 10 hair color in her New York City salon in the days leading up the the show. Designer Jill Stuart, who has been a client of Robinson for years, wanted the hair color to accent the tones in her clothing. "When hair color has been used backstage in the past it's been to accent the hairstyles," Robinson told us. "In this case, we wanted to make sure the hair color represents the clothing." Robinson used 1940s-inspired tones of light sandy blonde, medium smoky brown and soft strawberry, applied in a subtle, natural way. "I didn't want a super intense hair color," she said. "Natural tones make your look seamless, so you just notice you."

Super-glossed orange lips at Jill Stuart Spring 2011. Photo: Getty Images

GET THE LOOK - MAKEUP: To give skin a glossy finish, Tilbury mixed her foundation with moisturizer. She lightly enhanced the brows with a taupe brow pencil, and used a bright orange lip pencil on the pout for stay-put color, topped off with clear lips gloss or Vaseline for extra shine. Tilbury dipped into Jill Stuart cosmetics, a line that's popular in Asia but available only at Stuart's New York store in the United States, for a tangerine gloss for the lips. She rubbed a little chocolate brown eye shadow into the lashlines. To try tangerine lips yourself, she suggests pairing them with a clean face and a little mascara.

GET THE LOOK - HAIR: Palau suggests "gunking up the hair" with Redken Thickening Lotion 06, pulling it back and then twisting it upwards and around the base, fastening with bobby pins.

GET THE LOOK - HAIR COLOR: Use a Clairol Perfect 10 hair color in a tone that's close to your natural color. Apply it all over the hair for a uniform effect. For behind-the-scenes videos on the how to get the looks, check out Clairol's Facebook Page.

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