The "Monogram Moon" manicure at Ruffian Spring 2011. Courtesy Photo

A moon is rising over New York Fashion Week, and it's casting a new light on our fingertips.

The moon manicure, which takes the typical French manicure, turns it inside out, and paints the crescent to match the tips, has been creeping back into the fashion lexicon over the past four seasons.

Yet on the first day of New York Fashion Week when we spotted innovative new versions of "the moon" at three different shows, we realized that this trend is anything but waning.

Ruffian designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais are the original champions of the moon manicure, having shown this flapper-inspired look for four seasons and counting. That's no accident.

At their Fall 2010 show, their longtime manicure collaborator and CND creator Jan Arnold told us that "the boys want to be know for the moon manicure. But each season they want to do something new and unique with the moon."

And that they did, showing a "monogram moon," at Ruffian's Spring 2011 runway show, a wildly original idea that includes a putty base juxtaposed against glossy black accent polish and an intricate Ruffian logo stamped on models' ring fingers.

A fabulous alternative to a wedding band, if you ask us. If your significant other refuses to wear his or her bling, simply brand their fingernails.

A fuller moon manicure at Vena Cava Spring 2011. Photo: Grace Gold for StyleList

At Vena Cava, Nonie Creme of Butter London took a graphic spin on the look with a fuller moon. She painted nails with a café au lait shade on top, and a bottom half-moon of black.

"The half-moon was a status symbol in the '20's, since spending so much time on your nails meant you were of a higher class. We've made it more current by elongating the half-moon and making the colors more graphic in contrast," Creme said.

But the look that really dazzled us with its futuristic simplicity was the manicure Michian created at Park Choon Moo. She clipped nails short and pasted clear acrylic nails on top, filing them into pert ovals. The effect is reminiscent of a moon manicure with a clear tip.

It's a new moon, if you will, and we're howling over it.

The futuristic moon manicure at Park Choon Moo Spring 2011. Photo: Dana Oliver for StyleList

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