A Model poses backstage at the Alexander Wang Spring 2011 show. Photo: Stephen Chernin, AP

Backstage at the Alexander Wang Spring 2011 fashion show at New York Fashion Week, there wasn't a stitch of makeup on the models -- and hair was punk-rocked into hair-raising white spikes, while brows were bleached out and noses adorned with septum rings.

MAKEUP: Diane Kendal for MAC Cosmetics
HAIR: Guido for Redken

Alexander Wang's Spring 2011 collection took its inspiration from punk skater girls, with a strong east village vibe that made the spiked hair, nose rings and makeup-free faces look surprisingly at home in the '80's theme.

"It's all about a downtown, urban and artsy feel," said Kendal. Skin was healthy and moisturized, and completely barren of color. Brows were bleached out with concealer, and the only adornment was a metallic rink that seemingly looked pierced through the septum.

Hair had an uber dramatic '80s punk theme, with knotted dreadlock-like pieces dipped into white clay and melted into the hair with the heat of a blowdryer. Inspiration came not from the clothes, but the kind of girl Wang wanted his clothes to be worn on. "She's a skater punk, which is why I incorporated dread locks into the look," said Guido.

All products by MAC Cosmetics. Kendel simply refreshed model faces with cleansing wipes, and applied Studio Moisture Fix Lotion for a healthy and hydrated glow. MoistureLush Cream was applied to the body for a similar effect. Cream concealer and powder blotted out eyebrows.

Painted hair at Alexander Wang. Photo: Slaven Vlasic, Getty Images

THE THE LOOK HAIR: We actually don't recommend you try this at home! Slick hair back with gel and a comb, secure with an elastic, and tie into a large knot high up on the scalp. Then pour white clay onto loose hair sticking out of the knot, and melt into a gummy consistency with the heat blasted from a hairdryer. Shape into spikes for dreadlocks that look like they've been painted white.