Charlotte Ronson, pretty in blue, at her after-party.

After showing her grunge-inspired Spring 2011 collection (read StyleList's runway review here), Charlotte Ronson kicked back like she does every season: Throw a party (sponsored by O.N.E. Coconut Water) at a local hot spot (this time, Chelsea's Avenue) and ask twin sister Samantha Ronson to spin the soundtrack.

In the venue packed with fashion people, free booze, and slices of cult Artichoke Basilles pizza being passed around, StyleList caught up with the designer to chat about her post-Fashion Week plans.

StyleList: How do you feel after showing today?
Charlotte Ronson:
I feel great! I've heard very positive feedback and I felt good going in to it. I was proud about what I put out there.

SL: Do you read all of the reviews?
Yes, of course! Because you want to see what the critique is about and what people are looking for. It's all constructive at the end of the day.

SL: What do you do after your show or, rather, after your after-party? Do you go on vacation to relax?
No, I'll be around. I have people that flew in from all over the world -- work people and family. And we're opening two stores in China at the end of the month, in Shanghai. So a lot of the team are coming, and we have to work on the collection and sales. I am going away next weekend, somewhere warm and sunny with friends, then I am going to China. It'll be my first time going there and I just love to travel and see the world. I'm excited to see the culture and look at the market and see the response to my collection.

SL: How do you get through the craziness of Fashion Week? Do you make sure you get enough sleep?
For me, not so much. I'm not such a great sleeper to start with, so when I know I have to be up early or be somewhere or do something -- things I need sleep for -- I really can't sleep! Since you're surrounded with crappy food with sugar and carbs and you don't have any time to make anything nice, I try to get juices from Liquiteria [in the East Village] to drink when I'm not eating well. I feel like that way I'm getting something healthy.

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