Jane Lynch Video Music Awards track suit

Jane Lynch's fashion don't. Photo: Robyn Beck, AFP / Getty Images

Looks like the 2010 MTV VMAs has found its first fashion victim of the night.

Step up, Jane Lynch -- it's you!

The Emmy-winning "Glee" actress donned a twisted formalwear take on character Sue Sylvester's signature track suit for the show, and we suspect that even the Cheerios would have trouble summoning up enthusiasm for the kooky look.

The comedienne paired a floor-length trench-style cape boasting Adidas-style stripes and polka-dot lining with a silky white blouse, dark trousers, and a belt with a striped buckle.

Yikes. Did she mug Run-DMC on the way over or what?

Mr. Schu is so going to have a field day with this.

Meanwhile, check out the blue ombre locks Lady Gaga is rocking at the MTV VMAs.