The look at Suno Spring 2011. Photo: Getty Images

Backstage at Suno, everybody was abuzz over the eclectic prints, adorable hats, and ultra modern hair, nails, and makeup -- all sure to be huge trends for Spring 2011.

MAKEUP: Carole Colombani for MAC Cosmetics
HAIR: Odile Gilbert for Aveda
NAILS: Jackie Saulbery for Zoya Nail Polish
SNAPSHOT: Taupe Time

THE SCOOP: Airy and loose pieces in creatively paired print combinations was what marched out for Suno's Spring 2011 collection, with the beauty centering on 'unusual girls, with a focus on taupe lips but a look of pure, baby skin and a light

The look at Suno Spring 2011. Photo: Getty Images

texture," said Carole Colombani for Mac Cosmetics. The hats in the collection were the pinnacle of her inspiration to create the makeup look, while the hair focused on creating a beautiful nest and woven-like texture, with a wet-effect in the front. Both Gilbert and Colombani provided the looks for Suno last season, with a quite different aesthetic executed this season.

GET THE LOOK- MAKEUP: Use some concealer, but skip the mascara with this look. Do use the Hush Cream Colour Base in Hush on the cheeks, and keep the brows relatively natural with some clear gel. With the eyes add the pigment Mauvement on the inner corners and a tiny bit underneath the bottom lashes, topping off with the lipstick shade To Pamper, which gives a very matte result.

GET THE LOOK-HAIR: The hair is swept back, twisted up, and pinned into place, with the ideal products being Aveda Control Force Hair Spray or Air Control Hair Spray, depending on the hair type, followed with Aveda Brilliant Spray-on Shine for the wetness effect. The actual runway look takes about thirty minutes to complete, but a quicker, easier version would be to focus on curling the hair all over, alternating between large barrel curls and smaller, regular ones, then hair spray and pin to the head as it were being set. Next, let down the back section and loosely grab and pin it making an "S" shape pattern, going back and forth. Pull the sides into the pinned hair, spray all over, and use the fingers to "rough it up" a little.

The nail color was an end result of mixing four colors together - Kelly, Angela, Purity, and Snow White for a look resulting in "ethereal putty." Depending on the model's skin tone resulted in the overall mixture combo. Try the same thing at home, seeing what looks best with your skin tone and mix colors by dumping some out of one bottle, pouring more of another in, and rolling, not shaking the bottle to blend it.

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