Colin Firth

Fancy that! Colin Firth was voted best-looking British man. Photo: Matt Carr, Getty Images

Those British gals just can't get enough of Mr. Darcy.

Colin Firth, who played a stuck-up (but oh-so-misunderstood) Mr. Darcy in both the BBC production of "Pride and Prejudice" and "Bridget Jones's Diary," has been named the most attractive British man in a new poll from Wizard Jeans, the Telegraph reports.

"A handsome profile may be heaven-sent but looking good is usually a much more down-to-earth process, concerned with grooming and making the most of your natural attractiveness," Sally Allen of the denim label said in a press statement.

"I've heard girls talking about Colin Firth's brooding good looks when they are probably referring to his demeanor, grooming, and image. And that's something you can work on.

"But it's unlikely that many men will be able to recreate the magical moment when Mr. Darcy came out of the lake, dripping wet -- yet positively perfect and sexy -- making all the women watching take a very deep breath."

The poll of 1,500 females also picked actor Rupert Everett, Bulgari spokesmodel Clive Owen, hirsute comedian Russell Brand (we kinda get it), and 007 hottie Daniel Craig for the top five, according to the paper.

And while our personal picks David Beckham (#11) and Orlando Bloom (#12) barely made a dent, 80-year-old Scot Sean Connery reportedly managed to snag the #9 spot.

Must be the kilt.

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