Despite host Chelsea Handler's raunchy remarks, Taylor Swift's much-hyped performance aimed at Kanye West and West's own finale number targeting, well, himself, this year's MTV Video Music Awards were incredibly tame. However, one particular commercial break put some sizzle back into the night – the 60-second director's cut of the ad campaign for new fragrance Gucci Guilty.

Directed by renowned graphic artist and "Sin City" creator Frank Miller, the commercial was actually shot as a short film starring "True Blood's" Evan Rachel Wood and actor Chris Evans. Italy's Cinecitta Studios was home base for the production, which follows a blonde beauty (Wood) as she zips through the city streets in a sexy sports car and has a tantalizing rendezvous with a rugged hottie (Evans).

Can a perfume really be the catalyst for such a sexy evening?

Wood thinks so, saying she "'absolutely believes in the power of fragrance as a form of seduction. A beguiling scent lingers - wherever that scent is, the memory is triggered."

For her part as the confident and bold Gucci Guilty women, the actress admits little research was needed to portray a character with such an appetite for excitement. "My preparation for the role was living. I am proud to be guilty of plenty of things," says Wood, who appeared at the VMAs with her "True Blood" co-star Joe Manganiello to announce the winners in the Professional category. Sporting fiery red locks, Wood wore an animal print one-shouldered frock from the Gucci Resort collection with thigh-high black boots.

While Evans wasn't present at the awards show (sorry, ladies), the actor, whose credits include "The Losers" and "Fantastic Four," was thrilled to work on the campaign, admitting one of his early paychecks went to the very label that hired him for the job.

"It's Gucci," he exclaims. "My first indulgence when I was starting out was a Gucci suit. I loved it. I think I wore it to bed. The brand has cachet and it's an honor to be part of it."

Of his character, Evans says, "I can see a little of him in myself, although the Gucci Guilty man is a lot cooler. Frank (Miller) views him as an urban cowboy. As far as the guilty aspect goes, everybody has a little bit of naughtiness in them."

The campaign was also shot in 3-D and if you happen to be the kind of person who has a pair of the requisite eyewear nearby (and you should, because everything is in 3-D now),you can watch the commercial in all of its glory on

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