Lady Gaga. Photo: Getty Images

The Lady likes to keep us guessing when it comes to pretty much everything, especially the latest news about a possible fragrance deal.

She's been denying rumors of a partnership with Coty all summer (as has Coty itself), only to announce that she has in fact just inked a deal with the well-known celeb fragrance maker (they work with SJP and JLo) to create her own eau which should launch in Spring 2012.

Stephan Mormoris, senior vice president of global marketing in the Coty Beauty division, described Gaga as a "phenomenon," and "a fascinating cultural force" who is capable of electrifying the market, according to a report in WWD.

The eau was shopped around to different top fragrance houses and beauty retailers, and Coty, which is known for its celebrity fragrances and currently includes scents by Beyonce and Mariah Carey in its portfolio, is, not surprisingly, where it landed.

Check out Gaga's raw (raw, ooh, la la...) meat costume at the MTV Video Music Awards. We hope her fragrance smells a little better than that!