Milla Jovovich Phillip Treacy hat Mercedes Benz Express Your Style campaign

Head ornament. Milla Jovovich in a Phillip Treacy hat. Photo: Miles Aldridge

"Resident Evil: Afterlife" heroine Milla Jovovich fearlessly battles onscreen zombies. But what truly frightens her is a hat.

"It was a little terrifying when I first saw it, to be totally frank, because I didn't know how they would put it on without poking my eyes out," Jovovich told StyleList at the Mercedes-Benz lounge at New York City's Lincoln Center.

The Philip Treacy headpiece contained 300 feathers and required a team to perch it on the movie star's head and then to ensure her visage was properly framed.

"It took three people to put it on and it completely cut my face. So Phillip had to do a 'hatcut' rather than a haircut on me. He cut the feathers until you could sort of see my face. And I was like, is anyone going to see my face or what's going on? Phillip cut a few more pieces, so I can actually sort of break through," Jovovich joked.

Fashion photographer Miles Aldrige shot Jovovich for the Mercedes-Benz "Express Your Style" campaign, which premiered at July's Berlin Fashion Week.

"When Mercedes approached me to be the face of Fashion Week for them," Jovovich gushed, "for me, it was a really great honor."

Unfortunately, the former fashion designer and in-demand actress didn't have time to attend any shows while in Manhattan. "I have to leave. I'm going to Germany tonight," she said.

"I just flew in from the Toronto Film Festival, where my movie premiered last night and [landed] pretty much this morning. I leave tonight to go start shooting another film in Germany."

On the day of the StyleList interview, renowned stylist Adir Abergel tended the beauty's hair. "Today, we just kind of deconstructed the hair," Abergel told us.

"I used some of the Fekkai Bouffant, and I created a really good texture in the hair. Then I took the iron and I kind of just waved it, so it didn't have any kind of real uniform vibe to it. Then I threw it up, put a couple of braids, and kind of created a really disheveled updo that still didn't feel like an updo. That's modern and just free-flowing."

A beaming Jovovich pointed to her latest beauty indulgence, "I was actually able to get a pedicure recently, which is awesome," Jovovich told StyleList.

"It's that new gel stuff and it doesn't chip and it doesn't crack. I was very proud because I get manicures for work all the time, but it's very rare that you really get a pedicure because you're always wearing shoes and not a lot of people see your feet. A lot of times, for fashion shoots or whatever, the feet are the last concern."

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