Alexandre Herchcovitch's Spring 2011 collection played matchy-matchy, with lip and hair color that matched shoes and tones of outfits and custom-mixed nail polishes that coordinated perfectly with the hue of fingerless gloves.

MAKEUP: Gordon Espinet for MAC Cosmetics
HAIR: Rolando Beauchamp for Bumble and Bumble
NAILS: Pattie Yankee for Dashing Diva
SNAPSHOT: Color Block Chic

Alexandre Herchcovitch's Spring 2011 collection was awash in bright shades of 80's cheer that followed through in the beauty look with matching Crayola lips, finger tips and pulled-back hair that allowed color to take center stage.

Shockingly bright colors were the highlight of the face, with lips seemingly lined and painted-in with primary shades. "Lips are the accessory to the outfit," said Espinet. A vitamin E stick was used as a lip base in order to give the lips a stark opacity, and the rest of the makeup gently sculpted the bones and contours of the face.

Hair was dampened with spray product for a sleek, lustrous look, and pulled back into a top-of-the-head pony that then wrapped into braided hybrid bun. Pins were pushed only half-way down for an unexpected spate of texture and intrigue, and just before the models hit the runway it was decided to spray paint their buns to match their dresses.

Heavy color continued with the nails that matched fingerless gloves, which Yankee custom-blended in a frenzy backstage to match each outfit. "Alexandre had picked the nail polish shades he wanted from looking at the website, but then just saw them in person and said they weren't quite right. So I just had to blend all the colors right now!" Yankee told StyleList.

GET THE LOOK - MAKEUP: All products by MAC Cosmetic. Blend Sculpt Foundation with Mixing Medium to sheer down coverage, and apply to even out skin tone. Use a darker powder shade to subtly contour prominent areas of the face like cheekbones, the nose and lip ridge area. Line lips and fill in with bright and brand new Chromagraphic Pencils.

GET THE LOOK - HAIR: Saturate strands with Holding Spray for a sleek, high-gloss finish. Pull up sections on top of the head, elastic into the place, and then braid and wrap each section around the crown to form one big hybrid bun. Pin hair down, making sure to push pins only half-way in to add interest and texture. Spray with colored hair paint if you dare!

All nail shades were custom-blended from Dashing Diva polishes to match the gloves and detail colors of outfits.