A model at Chris Benz. Photo: Imaxtree.com

Backstage at the Chris Benz Spring 2011 collection at New York Fashion Week, the beauty look was a palette of fresh lavenders and blooming purples, with the lower lash line marked by mod ''60's era mascara dots and hair swept up into a carefree bun.

MAKEUP: Daniel Martin for Lancôme
HAIR: John Ruidant for Redken
NAILS: Lisa Logan for Lancôme
SNAPSHOT: The Mod French Twiggy

Chris Benz's Spring 2011 collection was awash in retro print and detailing, grounded in active sportswear sensibilities. The beauty look followed suit, marked by purple on lids and fingertips and caked-up layers of mascara and eyeliner dots that could easily transition into the wearable everyday if toned down.

French '60s singer France Gall was the inspiration for the makeup. "France was always doing something interesting on stage with her eye makeup, it would always be fun to look at," Martin told StyleList. White pencil was used as a shadow base to cut down the sheen of shadows, which were all luscious lavenders brand new for spring. Lashes bore the weight of layers of mascara, topped off with liquid liner dots stippled horizontally under the lash line to create the illusion of longer Twiggy-like lashes. "When the liquid liner mixes with your tears, it looks like a sexy kind of dirty," said Martin.

Following the Gall inspiration, hair was deeply parted on the side and then sectioned from ear-to-ear across the head and blown dry with volume. A low ponytail was created next, and back-combed into a voluminous bun that was secured with elastics.

Nails kept the purple theme in a slightly retro violet hue that Lancôme will launch in the Spring as Violet Groove.

All products by Lancôme. Even out the complexion with Dual Finish Powder and lay an eyeshadow base down with Le Crayon Khôl in Blanc. Sweep medium lavender and purple shadows over lid for color without too much sheen, and line top and bottom lashes. Layer up Hypnôse Drama mascara on lashes -- "The clumpier, the better," said Martin -- and use Artliner in Noir to dot bottom lash extensions on skin below the bottom lash line. Finish with the fleshy nude cream lipstick #308, which is yet to be named for spring.

GET THE LOOK - HAIR: Spritz Redken's Rootful on scalp for a blowout that's big on volume. Part hair in a deep '60's side angle, and then section of hair ear-to-ear. Secure a low ponytail with an elastic, and then interconnect the front section with the ponytail section to form one braided bun. Secure and tie with elastics.

GET THE LOOK - NAILS: In the favor of time, Logan skipped base and top coat and applied only two full coverage coats of Violet Groove.