Courtesy of Lulu Frost

Lisa Salzer for Lulu Frost

INSPIRATION: Polished 1960s debutante goes to the American Wild West

TOP LOOKS: Silver-and-crystal necklace hung with long spiky porcupine quills; chunky crystal-and-chain necklace bedecked with buffalo coins; Edwardian crystal buckle bracelet; long strands of pipe-beads and pearls, interspersed with art deco crystals; earrings with a single long porcupine quill hanging from crystal clasps

ACCESSORIES: Jewelry was the main event. Piled on and set against '50s and '60s garb from Amarcord, the go-to source for some of the best vintage clothing in NYC.

In-the-know fashion types, including designer Magda Berliner and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week organizer Fern Mallis

WHAT WE THOUGHT: Designer Lisa Salzer presented her spring Lulu Frost jewelry collection in a series of charming, stylized vignettes that perfectly narrated her inspiration for the season: the elegant 1960s debutante meets American Wild West. Her starting point was a classy Betty Draper type, ransacking her granny's attic for old family heirlooms like Edwardian pastes and deco pearls.

Salzer then introduced this proper, delicate creature to the saltier natural elements of the West: Native American-inspired turquoise, silver and leather, porcupine quills, dusty vintage coins, conchas, bone pipe beads. The juxtaposition had impact and made us covet more than a few pieces. We particularly liked the long porcupine quill and antiqued-crystal necklaces, the pieces mixing bone pipe beads and pearls, and the oversize turquoise rings. It all looked great, slung in stacks around the models wrists and necks.

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