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DESIGNER: Rachel Roy

Simplicity for color combination, shape, and construction

BEST LOOKS: Entire trench line-up; pieces put together in unexpected ways, like wearing a looser-fitting bustier over a blouse -- sounds risqué, but looks almost like a vest, albeit a modern one

At a loss to recall a single one. The clothes were so bright they didn't need them?

Rob Thomas and wife Marisol strolled through this presentation before the doors opened, Russell Simmons risked the crowds and entered with the rest of us.

WHAT WE THOUGHT: Rachel Roy is thoughtful when putting together her collections. She carefully examines her life and those of the women around her, and tries to determine what will work best for them. And she's on the mark. Want a new way to wear pants and a blouse to work, without donning a suit? She'll figure it out. Her mixed-media dress, which combines a yellow print with a navy-and-white one, appears every season. Surely there are R.R. fans who wait for it each collection.

The most exciting thing for Spring 2011 is her khaki-color pieces, all shown on mannequins and all inspired by trenches. "The trench coat is something that's been so important to me for so long," Roy told StyleList. "I wear them as dresses, I wear them as pieces of art, I wear them for travel. I'm calling them my Band-Aid collection. In terms of color, when you wear a Band-Aid, it blends into your skin and disappears. The idea is that there's a shade of khaki for all of us -- there should be a nude for all of us."

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