sears twin towers t-shirt

The controversial Twin Towers "Gotcha" T-shirt. Photo:

What were they thinking?

That was the question on the minds of customers at a Sears store in Kansas City, Mo., after discovering a collection of T-shirts depicting images of the World Trade Center's Twin Towers with the word "Gotcha" emblazoned across them.

According to Fox News, clothing company Gotcha meant no harm when it printed its brand name across the New York-skyline tees, but that did little to soothe customers and Sears staff members still smarting from the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001.

"Seeing that and what it means is upsetting, very heartbreaking," a Sears employee told a local TV station, according to Fox News.

Responding to customer outcry that the clothing was disturbing, the retail giant has since pulled the offending shirts from shelves.

"We began removing this T-shirt from stores earlier in the week when the image was brought to our attention," a Sears representative said in a statement. "We expect to have it removed from all stores as quickly as possible. We apologize for the oversight."

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