The look at ThreeAsFour. Photo: Getty Images

Models at the ThreeAsFour Spring 2011 fashion show at New York Fashion Week, looked like extras out of Michael and Janet Jackson's "Scream" video, dressed in body conscious leotards with muted faces popped with silver tape around the eyes.

Makeup at threeASFOUR Spring 2011. Photo: Dana L. Oliver for StyleList

MAKEUP: Andrea Helgadottir for MAC Cosmetics
SNAPSHOT: Contemporary Cool

THE SCOOP: Much like the fluidity found in threeASFOUR's Spring 2011 collection, lead makeup artist Andrea Helgadottir took a free-form approach to the makeup look. "There's a lot of contemporary stuff in the clothes so we came up with idea of using silver for the eyes," said Helgadottir. "We cut off pieces from material found upstairs [in their studio] and taped it onto the face."

GET THE MAKEUP: All makeup by M.A.C. Start with an even complexion using Face and Body Foundation. Brush brows upward and apply mascara on the upper lashes. Cut "C"-shaped silver confetti and apply to the inner corners of the eye using eyelash glue. Finish look by smoothing on a combination of Supremely Confident and Satin Myth Lipsticks.