Frazer Harrison, Getty Images for IMG


INSPIRATION: East-meets-West cultural and romantic influences, as seen through the eyes of director Quentin Tarantino in "Kill Bill"

TOP LOOKS: Padded harness vest, black top, pinstripe culottes; series of Japanese-silk pink floral-print dresses, the best with extra fold at back shoulder; plum-color high-neck viscose jersey dress with high-rolled cuff in front

ACCESSORIES: Tall black and gray booties with black sequin along the heel; ginormous crystal statement necklaces; thick black rope belts

WHO WAS THERE: Editorial glitterati, Stephanie Pratt, Zac Posen, Serena Williams

WHAT WE THOUGHT: Vera Wang isn't afraid of a voluminous fold. Many of her Japanese-inspired creations featured extra fabric at the hip, at the shoulder, along the waist. Which made for a very editorial look -- not surprising considering the theme was an over-the-top action flick. A certain loveliness made the clothes rather ethereal, especially the tulle layered one-shoulder minidresses in poppy spring colors with flowing trains. We could envision Uma Thurman wearing one while she annihilated an opponent and then promptly ran off to sip Champagne.

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