Kate Gosselin People Magazine cover white bikini

Kate Gosselin off her killer body on the cover of People. Photo courtesy of People magazine

Check this out Mr. Ex-Husband!

Reality mom Kate Gosselin's latest salvo in the he said/she said tabloid mess that is her post-divorce life is the cover of this week's People magazine, in which she poses in a sexy white bikini and declares, "I'm in the best shape of my life!"

Ahh, looking good. The best revenge!

The mother of eight, who has admitted to a postpartum 2006 tummy tuck, strikes a taut pose, showing not a trace of stretch marks. So brace yourself for Photoshop accusations, Mrs. Gosselin!

"I've worked really hard," she tells the mag. And while her short-lived stint as an awkward competitor on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" may have made her more lithe, Gosselin, 35, attributes her trim physique to regular runs near her Pennsylvania home. "Haven't I earned the right at this point to look good?" she declares.

The mag also reports that Gosselin denies persistent rumors that she's hooked up with her married bodyguard. She does, however, hope that her smoking bod will turn some heads.

"I'm waiting for Mr. Right," she says. "It would be nice if someone noticed me, sure!"

And how does the TLC star keep looking so fresh with her busy life?

Botox? More nips and tucks?

All will be revealed in the issue that hits newsstands on Friday.

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