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Eenie meenie minie moe... Photo: Getty Images

Well here's something we didn't read in "The Rules."

According to new research from the University of Texas, good looks are more important than a foxy figure if you want to land a husband, the Daily Express reports.

Oh, don't get us wrong. Men love a sexy hourglass figure (particularly one with the ideal waist-to-hip ratio, if it's not too much trouble).

But while having the body of a Playboy model will help you score a short-term fling, it's a pretty face that men want in a wife, according to the paper.

Sorry, "Butterface."

Researchers, who published their findings in the Evolution and Human Behavior journal, reportedly analyzed the reactions of 375 men and women who were asked to look at photos of members of the opposite sex, which had either the person's body or face obscured.

While women consistently went for men with attractive facial features when considering either marriage or a little fling, men chose women with great bodies for hanky-panky and good-looking gals for holy matrimony, researchers tell the Daily Express.

Scientists suggest that a woman's face offers clues as to her "reproductive value," but we're not exactly shocked by the findings.

After all, if you're going to do the whole 'til death do you part thing, you might as well have something nice to look at.

But if the lights are off, well... who cares?

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