Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

DESIGNER: Michael Kors

INSPIRATION: A sunshine state of mind, bringing relaxed clothes, usually at home at the beach, to an urban environment.

TOP LOOKS: No one does effortless slouchy looks better than Kors -- pre styled saron skirts, cashmere sweatshirts, crystal beaded pajama pants.

ACCESSORIES: Giant, oversized "beach" bags, but in croc. Flat shoes and sandals. Bucket canvas hats, or those in matching prints.

WHO WAS THERE: Serena Williams, with Anna Wintour, everyone's favorite mom, Joan Kors.

WHAT WE THOUGHT: Hello sunshine! If you didn't get the message of a new optimism from the collection, Kors' remix of "Here Comes the Sun," with what seems like every version ever recorded, pounded it home. The collection itself was awash in khaki, white and the slightly dakrer peanut, with bright shots of color. It was relaxed, but in the most luxe fabrics possible. If Kors is your go-to guy for business attire, you will have to dig through, but it is in there. And like some other designers this week, Kors is also obsessed with the trench coat, showing it in at least six different variations.