subway sandwich project dresses

Dress fresh? This takes dressing to a whole new level! Photo: PRNewsFoto / SUBWAY Restaurants

Not since Jared walked his way skinny eating Subway sandwiches has StyleList been quite this excited about our 6-inch veggie on nine-grain bread.

For the recent "Project Subway" fashion show in Chicago, a special-events company hired veteran costume designer Elsa Hiltner to create eight frocks from wrappers used at the chain's sandwich shops, the Consumerist reports.

Hiltner's take on Subway's mostly recycled-paper goods included a lunchbox bodice, floral accents rendered from cookie bags, as well as looped-cookie-bag skirts.

We're sure the designer put in her workroom order: "Hold the mayo."

The idea, Subway execs told Packaging Digest was intended to demonstrate the chain's commitment to using recycled materials, as well as to prove you can "eat fresh, be sustainable and look great."

The display also gave the chain a chance to boast about some of its restaurants' eco-friendly innovations, which include mops made from recycled T-shirts and socks.

We can only imagine what the real "Project Runway" judges might say if they critiqued this show, which reminded us of the time contestant Christian Siriano decorated a dress bodice with peanut-butter-cup wrappers. Here's our take:

Michael Kors: "Look, it's Lady Gaga's doggie bag."
Nina Garcia: "Sandwiches are so cheap."
Heidi Klum: "I wish you hadn't made it a foot-long. I would have made it a 6-inch."

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