Lady Gaga meat dress 2010 VMAs model prosciutto dress Jeremy Scott Spring 2011 runway

Lady Gaga wearing her meat dress at the 2010 VMAs (left) and a model in a prosciutto dress on the Jeremy Scott Spring 2011 runway. Photos: AFP/ Getty Images Getty Images

Sorry Barneys -- we've got a date with the butcher.

Meat is threatening to become spring's biggest "trend-erloin," as Jeremy Scott unveiled prosciutto garments just days after Lady Gaga shocked with her raw meat Franc Fernandez ensemble at the MTV VMAs.

Hmmm... now seems a like good time to become a vegetarian.

The always envelope-pushing Scott sent models at his Spring 2011 show down the runway in the meaty wares, including a bra top and long skirt and form-fitting scoop-neck sheath constructed from (real?) slices of salmon-hued, fat-trimmed proscuitto. Bon appetit!

The designer -- who created Gaga's favorite condoms -- also took inspiration from yet another one of the pop star's outfits with his clever strait jacket wedding dress.

For those keeping track at home, this smorgasbord of style includes the Gagster's raw meat bikini for Vogue Hommes Japan, her juicy steak outfit at the VMAs (hold the A.1.), and Scott's prosciutto pieces. We're almost tempted to string some Vienna sausages around our neck and call it a day.

But don't worry -- we won't!

Meanwhile, see Kate Walsh in a sushi dress.