There was something fishy about that colorfully patterned frock Kate Walsh wore during her "Tonight Show" appearance Sept. 16. Ah, yes! "It's a sushi and sashimi dress," the "Private Practice" star told host Jay Leno.

Walsh's LBD included a (hopefully fake) lobster-tail shoulder piece and was packed to the gills with maki rolls, bits of yellowtail, tuna, salmon, and edamame, and was accessorized with a maki-roll ring and sunglasses, and peep-toe Louis Vuitton heels with a prawn across the toes.

What, no sake?

"It's an homage, if you will, to Lady Gaga," Walsh explained of her outfit. "I was inspired by her meat dress." The actress added, however, that she and the superstar singer recently hit a rough patch.

"I was on a plane during the VMAs and one of my Twitter fans said, 'What did you think of Lady Gaga's meat dress?'" said Walsh, who hadn't yet seen the show since she was in transit.

"They sent me a link, I opened it up, and I was like, 'Oh!' The first thought I had was, like, 'A nice plate of prosciutto with melon,' thinking that's kind of witty," she told Leno. "But oh no, no, no, no! It set off the Little Monsters [Gaga's fans]. It opened up a whole can of whoop-ass."

The pair have since patched things up, and Walsh decided to pay tribute to the "Alejandro" singer with her ensemble and also raise awareness for her favorite charity, Oceana, which aims to protect our planet and its waters.

"I'm a huge fan of Lady Gaga. Whatever her statement was with her meat dress, I thought, Why not give a shout out to one of my charities," Walsh explained.

"These are all totally sustainable fish, by the way," she noted of her dress. "There's no bluefin on here. You want to stay away from that."

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