Project Runway season 8 episode 8

Mondo Guerra's winning look. Photo courtesy of Lifetime

The "Project Runway" designers must look to the glamorous past of Camelot to secure their runway future.

And sew it goes:

The Challenge: Contestants must demonstrate their design aesthetic by creating an American sportswear look using the iconic Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis as their muse.

The Workroom Drama: Wacky designer viewpoints can't seem to negotiate a style truce with Jackie O. Mondo Guerra is working in a purple-hued herringbone so loud that Michael Drummond suggests it's "Jackie Kennedy in the desert on mescaline." Andy South's tight harem cargo pants make mentor Tim Gunn fret, "Jackie O would never have camel toe."

Meanwhile, Michael Costello has the former first lady confused with a flight attendant or a Donna Karan fan. And Michael Drummond ignores Gunn's repeated warnings that his skirt-based ensemble is a drab, Jackie Don't.

There is also the piece of work that is Guerra: He's wearing short-shorts, a skimpy, sleeveless T-shirt, and suspenders he made himself, along with jet-black eyeliner and patterned tights. The look is so "Little Rascals" that his roomies ask him to tap dance, but he just shuffles a bit.

Project Runway season 8 episode 8 January Jones

"Mad Men" star January Jones plays guest judge on "Project Runway". Photo courtesy of Lifetime

The Twist: Jackie needs a jacket. Gunn returns to the workroom and tells the designers to add a piece of outerwear to complete their looks.

Christopher Collins embarks on a guilt trip that would make PETA proud when he buys animal pelts at Mood Fabrics and immediately regrets it. "Was it a boy animal or a girl animal?" he whines. This episode, of course, was filmed before meat became the fashion statement of 2010.

The Guest Judge: "Mad Men" actress January Jones joins the panel, but StyleList is wondering if anyone asked Katie Holmes if she was available. Jones sheds her Betty Draper character and grooves on Guerra's tap-dance clothes. She smiles and cracks jokes too -- something Betty would never do.

Who's In: Guerra, who keeps a photo of Jackie O in his Denver apartment, gets his first deserved win for his mescaline-in-the-desert pencil skirt, striped T-shirt, and coordinating cape. Heidi Klum calls it "clean, classic, contemporary, bold, and a clear interpretation of American sportswear." StyleList thinks the judges finally put down their crack pipes and got it right.

Ivy Higa rebounds from her near-elimination last week and joins Collins to round out the top.

Who's Out:
South and Valerie Mayen narrowly escape the "auf," which instead goes to witty Drummond for the sad skirt-and-jacket combo that judge Michael Kors complains turned Jackie O into a cheap mall rat.

Drummond tells his competitors not to be sad, because he had "almost the best time of my life."

If only he got to see Guerra tap dance.

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