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Ralph Lauren

INSPIRATION: The wild, wild west; American prairies; conquering new frontiers; and Navajo design

TOP LOOKS: Great fitted suede jackets; cute hand-knit white skirts and dresses; metallic short-shorts; shimmery gold gowns and skirts; cool pair of cream-color embroidered jeans

ACCESSORIES: Sandals with woven-chain heels; Navajo-rug tote bags; Annie Hall-like trilbies; brown leather belts of every conceivable shape and size with giant buckles; suede choker necklaces

WHO WAS THERE: Editors, editors, editors

WHAT WE THOUGHT: It's well-documented that Ralph Lauren owns a huge ranch in the wilds of Colorado (his wife, Ricky, even wrote a cookbook detailing their family meals for each passing season). So for spring inspiration, it seems, the designer looked no farther than the wide-open spaces of his Western territory.

Lauren attempted to channel the exploratory cowgirl in all of us with this collection. There were tobacco suede pants and jackets lined with fringe, long white lace prairie dresses, even a pale-blue tablecloth coat with lace trim. The designer accessorized most of the looks (including his slinky gold eveningwear gowns) with a thick leather belt that bore a sizable silver buckle. This pure yee-haw moment bordered on costumey, but could certainly enchant the right frontierswoman.

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