Prince Harry,wearing Help for Heroes wristband

Prince Harry, wearing the red, white, and blue Help for Heroes wristband. Photo: Gareth Cattermole, Pool / Getty Images

We're totally down with some school dress codes (no jeggings? woo hoo!) -- but this one has us scratching our heads.

A 15-year-old female student at Exmouth Community College in Devon, England has been banned from wearing a pro-military wristband to school on the grounds that it violates health and safety regulations, the Daily Express reports.

Sarah-Jane Chalk, who has a family member serving overseas, was scolded for wearing the charity Help for Heroes band, and was sent to a temporary exclusion room when she was caught wearing it a second time, according to the paper.

The school allegedly claimed that the band posed a danger to other students, the paper reports.

How? As a slingshot?

"I'm disgusted because by wearing the wristband she is supporting our troops," the girl's outraged mother Susan told the Daily Express.

"I phoned the school asking for their views and was told wristbands were a health and safety risk because they are classed as bracelets. The school allows children to wear poppies in November [a sign of support for war veterans] and pink clothing at an event in aid of Cancer Research so why not wristbands?

"They should teach children to support our troops who are out there fighting for freedom."

"I can understand the need for jewelry and bracelets to be removed but these are something synonymous with our town. Exmouth is home to the Royal Marines.

"If the college says they breach health and safety, then surely ties do too because they could strangle you. It is Sarah-Jane's final year and she missed out on important lessons."

But the school insists that they support the Help for Heroes charity -- just not the wristband, according to the Exmouth People.

"Wrist bands are not allowed for the simple reason that they contravene our strict uniform policy," principal Tony Alexander told the local paper.

It's not the first time a school has cracked down on a charity wristband. In May a Washington school asked students to turn their "I Love Boobies" wristbands for breast cancer awareness inside-out in response to inappropriate comments.

So, do you think the school is right to ban the wristband, no matter what it supports? Leave a comment!

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